Biggest Brunei LNG Carrier 'AMADI'

Latest Brunei LNG Carrier 'AMADI'

BGC marks milestone with ‘Bruneianised’ LNG carrier

Posted date: July 28, 2015

| Faza Suraj |

BRUNEI has completed another milestone by welcoming the fifth LNG Carrier for Brunei Gas Carriers (BGC) – AMADI.

The AMADI, whose sister ship AMANI was delivered in November 2014, is now BGC’s largest ship.

BGC Managing Director Haji Shabudin bin Haji Musa led a delegation comprising Permanent Secretary (Downstream and Power) at the Prime Minister’s Office, Dato Paduka Haji Jamain bin Haji Julaihi, which was welcomed by AMADI Captain BGC’s First Bruneian Master, Abdul Mateen Abdurrahman Liew @ Martin.

Captain Mateen said, “Today’s milestone marks the delivery of the vessel by a team that has every rank filled by Bruneians. This is the culmination of the Bruneianisation project that started well over a decade ago.”

The maiden voyage from South Korea to Brunei for AMADI was under the command of Captain Mateen on July 15 and arrived in Brunei Darussalam on July 23.

The captain said the AMADI performed to expectations.

The Dual Fuel Diesel electric engine-powered vessel measures to 154,800m3, which is bigger than Arkat/Amali by 7,800m3 and the length of the ship is equivalent to three football pitches.

“We have internet access, a dedicated prayer room and wudhu area. Halal food is served throughout the Brunei Gas Carriers fleet.

“The impact of the Local Business Development programme initiated by the Energy Department at the Prime Minister’s Office can be felt throughout the oil and gas industry.”

Haji Shabudin said, “This ship fulfils the requirements of most port locations around the world, thus enabling charter’s shipment of products.”

Courtesy of The Borneo Bulletin


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