Puspa Hotel

I am just wondering who remembered this? Be the first to tell the world what happened to it.


Anonymous said…
correct me if i am wrong...isn't that building has become the Govt rest house?
Anonymous said…
well, it used to be the government rest house. isn't it now the recruitment centre for the Labour department?
Yeah I believe it is. I kind have a vague memory that I've seen the words "Puspa Hotel" at the back of my head. I really wonder what ever happened to it now. Where was the Puspa Hotel or is it still there? Care to show it to me on Google Map? :P
Sunnymoon said…
Not sure when this photo was taken, but I recognise the building as the former Government Rest House opposite Britannia House in Jalan Cator.

Interesting. I never knew that the Rest House was once a hotel. Proof of the old adage that we learn new things all the time.

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