President Obama Speaks to the Muslim World

I received an email this morning from Shova Thapa, Cultural Affairs/Press/Webmaster of the Public Affairs Office of the US Embassy in Brunei with the following content:-

On June 4, President Obama will travel to Egypt for a historic speech in which he will seek to strengthen U.S. relations with the Arab world and the larger Muslim world. President Obama chose Egypt as the venue for the long-promised speech because the country "in many ways represents the heart of the Arab world," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said.

President Obama's speech will be an important part of his engagement with the Muslim world, which began in his inaugural and has continued through venues such as his interview with Al Arabiya, his Nowruz message, and his speech and town hall in Turkey.

The speech will outline his personal commitment to engagement, based upon mutual interests and mutual respect. He will discuss how the United States and Muslim communities around the world can bridge some of the differences that have divided them. He will review particular issues of concern, such as violent extremism and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And he will discuss new areas for partnership going forward that serve the mutual interests of our people.

For those of you interested to watch the speech, here is the latest info the Embassy has about international broadcasters’ plans to air the speech (which is scheduled to take place at 1310 Cairo time on June 4, or 6.10 pm Brunei time - today in the evening).

· CNN International plans to broadcast live

· BBC World (television and radio) plan to air the speech live

· Sky Television (UK-based) plans to broadcast live

· Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya plan to broadcast live


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