Graying Hair

The other day, while waiting for my turn to speak in a meeting, I was looking round the room to my colleagues. Although most are on average about 45 above, I realised that most are showing graying hair or in our language memutih. At this age, not surprising really.

Then I came across this article on psychocentral about graying hair. According to this article, graying hair is not showing signs of age. It is showing signs of stress. According to the article, researchers have discovered that the kind of “genotoxic stress” that does damage to DNA depletes the melanocyte stem cells (MSCs) within hair follicles that are responsible for making those pigment-producing cells. Rather than dying off, when the going gets tough, those precious stem cells differentiate, forming fully mature melanocytes themselves. Anything that can limit the stress might stop the graying from happening, the researchers said.

Wah.... I guess if are showing signs of grey hair, you know what to do. Stop worrying or stressing yourself.


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