Brunei 6 cents stamp 1942

There are 4 stamps of Brunei which I have not owned. I owned every single stamp which has appeared in Brunei since 1895 with the exception of 4 stamps. The above is one of them.

The highest value stamps of Brunei are all during the Japanese occupation of Brunei. When the Japanese arrived in Brunei, they took over all the left over stamps and overprinted them. Some of the overprints were on stamps which were not many in quantity and hence the scarcity of the stamps.

This particular 6 cents stamp is quite rare. At the moment it is being auctioned on ebay with a starting price of US$729.25. I would like to own it but I am not at the moment in the mood of paying a $1000 for this stamp by the end of the acution. So I will just enjoy this graphic.


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