eXpensive Wedding!

I was intrigued to read of one letter to Brudirect on the cost of a wedding. The letter was written by a friend of a clerk who is getting married. His friend was worried that his parents wanted a normal wedding, all he wanted was a simple nikah ceremony. He could not afford the wedding as he is already paying for a car loan plus other loans.

This one is certainly a dilemma. My sister just got married recently, My better half and I decided to work out how much a wedding like that would have cost us if our son was to get married (hopefully not soon as I realised just how much you need to save up).

This is not complete nor accurate, I am just typing this off the top of my head. The ceremonies and estimate cost from the day you start to merisik to the muleh tiga hari:-

Merisik : $200 for the buka mulut ring. No cost for the ceremony as it is mostly between parents.

Bersuruh : $200 for the ring, if there is cincin tunang. About $200 for the ceremony as normally a medium size group would have gathered.

Bersuruh (return) : About $200 for the ceremony if the bride to be family decided to give all the permintaan in a formal ceremony. Otherwise this ceremony is not necessary.

Menghantar Berian : About $700 for the ceremony, $3.50 per head times about 200 people. The berian can be $10,000 and above total.

Nikah Ceremony : About $700 for the ceremony, $3.50 per head times about 200 people. Other cost - sedekah to jurunikah, sijil nikah plus other incidentals.

Bedak-bedak mandi : About $200 for immediate family's gathering, makan and all.

Berbedak : Usually dinner about $6 x 300 people = $1,800. Camps, chairs and tables depending on choice. The fancier square camps roughly about $200 each for about 40 people complete with chairs, so 300 people around $1,400. Hadiah to orang membedaki about $3 x 150 people. Sedekah to orang berzikir.

Berinai : Usually dinner about $6 x 200 people = $1,200. Camps normally charged once.

Majlis Persandingan : Usually lunch about $6 x 500 people or more depending on number of guests. $3,000 or $6,000. If at hotel, normally around $12,000. Camps again depending on type and quantity. Hadiah to given to guests, normally $1 to $5 each multiply by the number of guests. Sedekah to hadrah team, police etc.

Majlis Berambil-ambilan : Usually dinner about $6 x 300 people = $1,800.

Majlis Muleh Tiga Hari : Usually dinner about $6 x 100 people = $600

Of course, there is revenues too. People sedekah to you.

Take your pick which ones you want to avoid or the numbers you want to reduce. It can be costly.


baz said…
u mean we hav to save up for our kids wedding? i wudnt even hav enuff for their education, let alone their wedding costs
Having a rational thinking will help all of us to reduces our wedding expense and use the money in more good way.
What some people spend for marriage is really mind blowing. Its more like who is going to bell the cat first!

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