Jalan Chevalier 1960s

This is another of the old postcards which I recently acquired. This one is of Jalan Chevalier which is now renamed Jalan Pemancha. This actually is an extension of yesterday's postcard.

If you look closely, you can still see the two buildings which I mentioned yesterday but now they are towards the horizon. What you can is see now on the extreme left is the Brunei Hotel. Though the building is not as nice as it is now. But the famous Rex Bookstore is still there.

This small bookshop I remembered very well. When I was around 10 years old, I was caught by the Enid Blyton bug. This author writes many short novels about children like The Secret Seven or The Famous Five. Whenever my mum brings me here, I would buy like five to ten books, or whatever number of books I could get away with. The thing was there was no toy store when I was small. So I guess my parents allowed me to buy books as I did not remember buying any toys. So this postcard brings lots of memories flooding back to me.


bearSense said…
I grew up on this street... I remember a few shops selling toys at the row of shops where Ang's Supermarket used to be... n also the shop in the Kiaw Lian Building... I loved Enid's books too... =)
kro said…
my dad and his siblings grew up in this street. nice to see this pix.

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