Ministry of Education's Strategic Plan 2007-2011

The Ministry of Education launched its strategic plan for 2007 to 2011 recently. I wasn’t able to attend the launching itself but our agency's representative was able to attend it and gave me a copy of the plan. The launching ceremony was quite huge compared to most launching of government ministries’ strategic plans. I thought among others, the Ministry of Education’s plan for the future is something of use for all of us to know, so despite the ‘no part of this publication may be reproduced etc…’ I am going to pretend I did not see that.

The strategic plan based on Kaplan’s Balanced Scorecard Approach (I wrote about this when Kaplan was here in Brunei in April last year) enables Ministry of Education “to clarify its vision and strategy and translate them into action. The BSC helps to provide feedback around both the internal business processes and external outcomes in order to continuously improve strategic performance and results. The balanced scorecard transforms strategic planning from an academic exercise into the nerve center of the organisation.”

I will not comment on the plan itself. You can download it and read it yourself. I have made a pdf copy of the plan which is available from the main library at With MOE’s vision of “Quality Education towards a Developed Peaceful and Prosperous Nation” and a mission statement which reads “Provides Holistic Education to Achieve Fullest Potential for All” – we will have to wait whether it can fulfill its measurement metrics or key performance indicators which includes increases at all level of examination, numbers of students enrolled in science stream or completing tertiary education or completing their VTE education plus 100% computer literacy of teachers and students. Other indicators include those of “success and transition”, “monitory of education” and “resources and structures”.

This being the most comprehensive and far-reaching plan ever prepared in MOE’s history which sets out a proper course outlining its objectives and mapping out its plans hopefully will be able to steer our education policy and our nation towards increased national development and greater progress. No doubt that some of you out there maybe a little bit sceptical - but we have to give MOE the opportunity to show that they can fulfull their plan.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing the MoE's Strategic Plan 2007-2011.

having browsed thru it, it looks like what kaplan and norton would have prescribed, except for the absence of a VALUES statement. latest bsc methodology prescribe the following order;


the previous order ie VMO did not place any importance at all to values, and it is now widely realised that a vision-driven approach can lead to disastrous outcomes ...

(sorry mr king, having a dream and translating it to vision,mission and objectives in that order can and have led to living nightmares for others, wit. iraq...

also my apologies to dr m, having a perfect 2020 vision not tempered by basic human values has led to the pursuit of objectives or outcomes at great personal loss...

yes, we have learnt our lessons, and bsc is mission-driven and underlined by values, and under-pinned by our vision of the future (no more dreams please).

strategic objectives and maps help us get there safely, along the way we need measures, then set targets SMARTly, and roll out the initiatives to meet or exceed our targets....

how good is your mission statement?

refer ashridge mission modelling...

the strategic map also miss out on the customer completely

i reckon they are labelled as stakeholders

stakeholders worry me the most

as some literally think it is their job to drive their stakes thru the messenger's heart, frontal or covertly.

so MoE, pls do put your customer first.....

after all it is their future that we are mapping.
Anonymous said…
Dear sir:

THANKS MANY MILLIONS for the digitized version of the STrategy Plan of MOE. I was just wondering, can i EVER buy a copy of the book? :-(

Thanks again.
Anonymous said…
I didn't see anything about restoring English as a common lingua franca for education- it's ridiculous to write reports and hold meetings in Malay when our entire education is in English and a carbon copy of Singapore, where English = life. I'm very disappointed that the plan involves a higher achievement plan but with no notable gain in material ,incentive or personnel to make it happen.

Failure, again.

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