London Greetings

Greetings from London!

What am I doing here? Just arrived this morning and the first thing was to unpack my laptop and check all the emails. Actually first thing was to find the cable which the hotel has cleverly hidden and with the help of the porter we searched the entire room only to find that my little room has another little room with a small study table with the internet connection.

I must admit it's nice to be in London, the place hasn't changed much despite the many years I have not been here. The streets were just getting clogged up as we were coming in and the sirens are still as noisy as ever. The temperature not too bad, up in the teens. The weather knew I was coming. The airport has changed though. Arrived using Terminal 4 instead of 3. Less busy but then I was on the fast track lane with the high commission official helping us.

I just checked into the hotel. The last time I came here was in my PMO days and that was in the height of winter. I was still the PA to the RBA Chairman and were were on our way to Zurich to bring home the last Airbus A320 for RBA. That must have been a good 6 years ago. The hotel looked tired but it looked much better now.

Anyway, what am I doing here? I arrived today to give this talk tomorrow:-

On Sunday, I will be in the air again to Rio de Janeiro for this:-


Jin Yang said…
Looking forward to your talk tomorrow. =)
Anonymous said…
Bring a brolly!

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