A Day in London

We arrived yesterday at about 8 in the morning. I didn't sleep much on the plane and I know the whole day will just be one groggy day suffering from jet lag. I never liked long distance travel, luckily nowadays I only have to do the occasional odd one per year. But since we were in London, and my next appointment was with a British Library curator and the Organising committee, we decided to fit our schedule around the places we wanted to go.

One of my officers who is undergoing a course at the Royal Institute of Public Administration suggested that we all have lunch here:-

Not bad. Buffet at 9 pounds each.

My first appointment was with Dr Gallop, the Head of Asia Pacific Collection at the British Library. We talked for a while about books and she gave me some very valuable materials. I have never been to the British Library but I was very impressed with what I saw:

My last appointment was luckily at a restaurant for dinner. My body clock was telling me that this was 2 in the morning and not 8 at night. The Organising Committee was there and we talked about the Symposium while they briefed us of what's going on the next day. Enjoyed the dinner eating Malaysian food here:

In between the library and the dinner, our driver took us to this all in one shopping centre in the centre of London. My officer and I went in, took one look at it, note its similarity to most other shopping centres in the world, went to a cafe and sat down. We were too tired. If you are in London and you are interested in shopping, forget Oxford Street. Here is the better shopping all under one roof shopping:


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