The Old Police Station

Bandar Seri Begawan's buildings have more or less remained intact from the 1950s. Most of the major changes have been at the commercial areas along Jalan Sultan where the two storey shophouses are on their way out. However government buildings tended to last longer with the exception of this one building.

This building stood the test of time until about 1983. That was the year that to increase the space or rather the area that was needed for the independence at the end of the year, the government decided to remove this police station. This police station was situated where the current outdoor carpark for the Yayasan Building.


Hi BR, the old police station looked like Perbadanan TAIB Head Office which I think was the old municipal office. I believe both building were facing each other back then and only separated by the padang, and also could be designed by the same architect. Do you have any history on Perbadanan TAIB's present Head Office? Thanks.
Rozan Yunos said…
you know, i never realised that the two buildings look the same and facing each other. most of the town is designed by the same architect firm, i can't remember whether it's bolton or mcdonald. i'll look into that...

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