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When I attended the ceremony for BAFA, I was quite surprised to learn about the history of BAFA. BAFA as you know is the Football Association of Brunei Darussalam. BAFA did not start off as BAFA.

BAFA was originally known as the Brunei State Amateur Football Association. It was founded in 1952 with His Highness The Sultan as the Royal Patron. BSAFA was founded in 1952 in Seria. A few employees of Dutch and English origins working with the then BMP Co Ltd (now known as BSP Co Ltd) started the association. The Association was affliated not to any regional or national body.

It was registered on 12th March 1956. On the 15th March, BSAFA was officially gazetted by the British Resident through Notification number 67/1956. BSAFA paid $10. The interesting bit was, BSAFA was affliated to The Football Association (England). I guess technically speaking BSAFA could have played in the English FA Cup sine then.

The first few Presidents were Englishmen before YAM Pg Jaya Indera Pg Hj Mohktar Puteh became the first local president in 1961 and the local presidency continued until today.

BSAFA became BAFA in 1969 and affliated to FIFA. In 1970 BAFA joined the Asian Football Condereation and in 1984 became founding member of the ASEAN Football Federation.


Al-Qadr said…
The bizarre thing about the current soccer scenario in Brunei Darussalam is that this football-crazy nation of ours still does not have a 'National Football Team' per se!

If we want our country's name to be a force to be reckoned with in FIFA's world ranking, the Culture, Youth and Sports Ministry and BAFA have to work much more cohesively. They have to set aside differences and work toward a common goal in improving the standard of skilful football, particularly amongst younger budding talents.

But BAFA must put its own house in order first and no more 'office politics' or 'power-struggle' within their ranks and strengthen their programmes instead.

Or else Bruneian soccer fans will always forever support Liverpool Man U Chelsea or any other British Premier League teams who maybe don't even care about the mediocre state that Brunei football is in now. Whatever happened to "Brunei Yakin Boleh!" fighting spirit?!
Conde Valak said…
dear friends
please make public my soccer blog.
i hope to help brunei coaches or fans to develop football there.
(in english)

coach gusmao / brazil

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