Housing Projects 2007-2012

I just remembered I promised someone a couple of weeks ago to upload the RKN housing projects. Here is the list of housing projects. Unfortunately it is not as detailed as I would like it to be. But at least it gives an indication of approximately what is being done.


Mohammad said…
Hey, BRo! I happen to see an advert in BB a couple of weeks back for a Master Plan Consultant to do a big job for JPKE (PM's Office) on Privatisation study.
Do you suppose a few of the departments under Ministry of Development's purview e.g. Housing Development, Electrical Services, etc would be privatised pretty soon? Is that good or bad, boss?
Mohammad said…
Sorry, i just realised that DES is no longer under MoD but is now under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Energy in PM's Office.
atayala said…
First of all thank you for this great blog. I so look forward to the lovely list.

Deirdre G
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