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I was checking on who had been linking back to dailybr ever since I went back daily. Obviously the crowd that linked here last year was no longer there apart from a few who never updated their links. For the new links, I am quite surprised to see who they are. So I thought I will spend a bit of time on some of the more unusual sites that linked to the dailybr and returned the favour for their links. You might want to visit them too.

First is the whose aim is to bring paintball to everyone in Brunei. I fully symphatise with paintball enthusiasts ever since 2003 or was it 2004, when the first official letter was written asking for permission to begin the game here in Brunei. I am not sure whether any progress had been made since I saw that letter. But let me stir the water a bit. I was checking one of my former alma matter, the MIT (I cross registered for a course here) when I came across this particular news about US Army Officers Reserves Corps using paintabll to gain leadership. Link here. Perhaps we should consider paintball?

There are many food bloggers in Brunei. But there are not that many chefs blogging. This one The Self Inspired Chef is probably one of the more interesting ones. I remembered that this one linked to me when I was daily and was quite surprised to see the link still present. I am into food and watched the food channel whenever I can persuade either the Mrs or my little one to give me the remote. And everytime I go to the palace, I am always intrigued by the presentations done by the chefs there. Judging by the amount of time a food presentation need to be done, it does take a lot of skills and patience.

We have a number of Bruneians now working abroad both as diplomats and expatriates. Is this the thin edge of the wedge? When I sat in our oil companies' board meetings, it is quite sobering to read the hr report about people leaving our companies in search of greener pastures abroad. The enticing package was too much and literally we lost a whole generation of future leaders in that industry. When I was last in Qatar and UAE, the diplomats there were telling me of Bruneians who had joined the oil companies there as well as our airline's pilots who had joined the airlines there. One of such overseas Bruneian which linked to me runs a blog called Life in Oman. This is the new Brunei.

I have always enjoyed economics ever since my A Level days but it wasn't until I was doing my masters at Harvard that I enjoyed economics that much more. We had great professors both at Harvard as well as at MIT. The one online economics related website which began its life when I was there in 1996 was and that perhaps remain one of the websites that I go to regularly, not of late though. I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this webiste entitled Local Freakonomics, a self professed Bruneian economist who reads slate as well. I enjoyed the economcs writing on the style of slate and her writing really emulates that of slate. So really, you should make this your regular reading on how economics affect everyday reality of us here in Brunei.


Dear Mr. BR,
Thanks so much for recommending my blog! Quite surprise to see the number of visitors was on the rise this morning. Hehe.

Anonymous said…
Mr. BR,

Terima kasih for your recommendation. Bruneian expats are still a small community, hopefully it will increase . Shukran.
DC said…
You're back! :) Hehe... good.. i have something to look forward to reading again..

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