Happy Teacher's Day

It was Teacher's Day yesterday, a good day for some teachers, at least a holiday for all the others. My 6 year old loves the holidays. He wished everyday was a Teacher's Day. Actually it is not yet Teacher's Day, Teacher's Day is tomorrow but because later tonight we will be sighting the moon and tomorrow maybe the start of the fasting month, hence teacher's day celebrations held yesterday. But to wish anyone Happy Teacher's Day yesterday was too early, so you can wait till tomorrow if there is school tomorrow.

Today I will not post much about teachers in Brunei Darussalam or about the Education System. I think teachers deserved a rest. So what I will do is to link up to the various articles which I have posted in the past about teachers in Brunei Darussalam and the Brunei education system, both subjects of which are my favourites.
Oh yes. My heartiest congratulations to all the former and present teachers who received their awards yesterday:

Anugerah Guru Berjasa (Awards to teachers who have contributed tremendously)

1. Dato Paduka Haji Kifli bin Bujang (the father of the Attorney General)
2. Hajah Masura binti Haji Alidin

Each received $12,000 plus free first class medical treatments.

Anugerah Khas Hari Guru (Special Teacher's Day Awards)

1. Haji Abd Hamid bin Talipuddin (born 1926)
2. Pg Hj Md Yusof bin Pg Sabtu (born 1926)
3. Datin Seri Setia Hajah Kamaliah Suhaimi binti Hj Md Faizullah Suhaimi

Each received $4,000 plus free first class medical treatement.

Anugerah Guru Cemerlang (Excellent Teachers Award)

1. Hadion Lim Beng Guan (Mathematics)
2. Saadiah Abdul Ghafar (English Language)
3. Shim Guek Lan (Home Science)
4. Hajah Masnah Haji Lusin (Art & Design)
5. Saliah Haji Kahar (Science Lower Secondary)
6. Hajah Jaini BPKDP Haji Mohsin (Pre-school)

Each received $4,000 plus given priority for further studies.

Do send them a congratulatory note if they happen to be your teachers in the past. Happy Teacher's Day.


Anonymous said…
I wonder how many years till I get the awards..

At least I'm motivating myself to be a good one now.
Anonymous said…
cikgu hadion, if you are reading this, i would like to say congratulations =) from one of your students
Anonymous said…
To Miss Shim, congratulations on your award. You were my Home Science teacher back in 1992 to 1994 at STPRI :)
Anonymous said…
cikgu hadion used to be my ex math teacher 20 yrs ago and knew that he certainly got that credential. congrats to him.
Anonymous said…
Congrats to all the deserving recipients. You are the future of Brunei's children.

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