New Royal Brunei Police Force Headquarters Operational

New RBPF headquarters commences operations
on: November 01, 2015

| James Kon |

THE Royal Brunei Police Force’s (RBPF) new headquarters, located on Jalan Tungku, Gadong, has commenced operations.

The new headquarters accommodates the Administration and Finance Department, the Procurement Division, and the Agency Licensing Authority and Register of Societies Division.

Members of the public will need to register first at the counter on the ground floor prior to entering the new headquarters.

The Training Unit under the Administration and Finance Department is also located at the new headquarters, where members of the public can obtain new ASP and Inspector intake forms.

The building also houses the finance counter service, where members of the public can make payments for Certificates of Good Conduct, Police Escort, Registration of Association, tenders, Permit for Import and Storing of Weapons and Explosive Materials as well as licences.

For any inquiries regarding the services above, members of the public can contact 2459500/ 2423901 ext 742/ 745.

The new RBPF headquarters also houses the Procurement Division which provide services such as management of tender, quotation, auction and registration of supplier.

Members of the public can contact 2459500/ 2423901 ext 716 for inquires, 714 for tenders/auction, 712 for quotation and 715 for registration of supplier.

The Procurement Division counter is open from Monday to Thursday and Saturday from 8.30am to 11.30am and 2pm to 4pm in the afternoon.

The Agency Licensing Authority is open during office hours from Monday to Thursday and Saturday. Members of the public can contact 2459500/ 2423901 ext 752/ 753/ 757 for any inquiries.

The contact number for Registration of Societies is 2459500/ 2423901 ext 750/ 751.


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