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[Model of Class A house at Rimba - price $92,000]

Today some 223 families would be ballotting for their houses. They will get their keys and they will be able to move in by later today if they can clear all the paperwork.

The Housing Development Department has two housing areas completed recently, about 200 over houses at Lumapas and more than 320 houses in Rimba. Out of the 200+ houses in Lumapas, the final 92 will now be given out whereas in Rimba, all the 320 houses will balloted out. There are some 200 additional houses will be given out as soon as the new contractor starts work taking over from a previous contractor who could not complete their contract.

There should be 405 families today but only 223 families will be getting the ballots, the others have rejected the houses they have been allocated.

Out of the 92 houses in Lumapas for STKRJ, only 42 will turn up today thus leaving 50 houses to be balloted next time. For Rimba, out of 83 class A houses, only 67 families, out of 78 class C, only 43 and out of 152 terrace houses, only 71. The remaining 182 families have opted to wait out for the next cycle citing the houses or the areas are not suitable for them. At the same time, houses are now allocated based on salaries. This is to ensure that the recipients still have sufficient income to support themselves.

What are the public housing options within the next year? About 200 houses will be balloted in Lumut and Sungai Liang before the end of this year. About 400 houses (200 not taken up and another 200 to be completed by next year) to be balloted in Rimba by next year. Another 1,000+ will be available by end of next year at Meragang. About 50+ will be available in Bangar.

All the houses are heavily subsidised. The prices paid by the recipients are below the cost of construction, the prices do not include the value of the land, the cost of development of the land, the infrastructures such as roads, drainage, sewerage, street lights and other facilities built in that area.

Long term prospects? The three districts of Belait, Tutong and Temburong will see zero queue by the end of the 5 year RKN, STKRJ demand in all four districts will also see zero queue but RPN demand for Brunei District is still growing. The big issue. Land areas suitable for large scale housing in Brunei District is scarce. The two big areas left are Lugu (done by Housing Department) and Mengkubau (to be done by BEDB). After these two areas, are the people ready to go high?


Anonymous said…
Slm Sir, thanks v.much for the post, i'll find it very useful to make v.important decision, as myself is yet to apply for RPN or STKRJ, thanks Sir. Ramadhan kareem
Anonymous said…
can i know kalau those yg reject sudah and that mean the house will be available for other application? if so, can i know what the procedure to apply for those yang kena reject by the others?
p/s: also one of the permohon since 1994
yes, the houses will be given to those next in line, in this case the 1990/1991. 1994 pemohon insyaAllah, will get their houses in the next 3 years. there are about 2,000+ houses currently under construction in Meragang & Tanah Jambu and another 4,000 houses in the pipeline to be constructed soon in Mengkubau/Mentiri area.
Anonymous said…

Thanks for your info! anyway selamat hari raya!
Anonymous said…
Hi, may i asked if we opted to wait out for the next cycle because the houses /location may not suit us. Do you know how long is the wait for the turn again?

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