I saw the news, I read the news and a few blogsites have reported it. But I have not seen the book till yesterday. I came, I saw, I conquer or rather I bought it.

Gaplah is a Brunei dialect comic book currently in the markets for the last few months. The book itled: "Gaplah" - was officially launched by my colleague at the PMO Haji Omar bin Haji Abdul Rahman. It's the fourth comic by Malai Yunus Malai Yusof to be published, as a follow-up to "Dooi Malai Ku", "Malai Ku Sayang" and "Bah Malai Ku".

Malai Yunus is currently a student at UBD and the first few pages of cartoon are actually about his life at UBD especially life as a mature student.

The cartoons are hillarious and like Cuboiart depicts Brunei scenes very succintly. Get the book. It only cost $6


tumittumit said…
Where is Gaplah available for purchase?

Thanks in advance if you can direct me.
Anonymous said…
kedai buku ada sudah. kemarin behari i saw ada at mubarak. but i got mine masa its launching with free illustrated bag. dats limited edition. hikhik :D m still a fan n a collector since the beginning.hope that helps!support bruneian author! =D
Anonymous said…
and oh illustrator too for that matter! :D i forgot
Anonymous said…
Assalamu'alaikum. Adakah yang dapat memberi saya kontak emailnya NOH - kartunis Brunei? Kami saling mengenal saat di Jepang pada 1995. Tolong beri kontaknya ke saya: . Thank you.

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