Happy Families II

Yesterday, many happy families received their houses. By the afternoon, today and for the next few days, many of them will be rushing in to move into their houses in Lumapas and Rimba. Many of them too will be rushing to the shops to stock up their houses for the upcoming Hari Raya.

A few other families will be happy today. I have already wrote about the Majlis Ugama Islam Brunei funding houses for the needy and the poor. Currently we are building about 19 houses for these families. A few of them are now ready and will be officially handed over to them. The informal committee of ministers - the Minister at the Prime Minister's Office, the Minister of Religious Affairs, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports and the Minister of Development will be at various houses today and tomorrow officially handing over the houses to their respective owners. We were hoping to get all the houses ready for Hari Raya. Unfortunately a number was delayed because of the soil conditions and other factors. But the majority are almost near completion and can be handed to the recipients by October.

I will be accompanying my minister later this afternoon to hand over the above house to the recipients. We have been helping them move in over the last few days. I am glad that the staff at MOD have been especially helpful in giving donations that the family will be able to enjoy their own home for the first time in their life complete with furnishings. Hopefully the old couple can now live out their old age in peace.

These families need help. I am glad that there are now a few groups out there who are helping out these people. Under our list at the moment are about 20 families who now has funding to build houses to be paid for by the Majlis Ugama Islam, we have identified the area and we will start work soon. There are another 500 applicants which the Secretariat are now interviewing one by one. About 100+ interviews have been completed.


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