Were we born yesterday?

Jakarta Globe reported that National Police on Monday announced the arrest of a group of alleged con artists said to have scammed Rp 20 billion ($1.9 million) from a senior Brunei government official by impersonating a representative of a prominent Indonesian political party and asking for a donation.

The group, most of whom were from South Sulawesi, had been operating since 2006 and made their living by impersonating government officials.

They would make phone calls to their victims and ask them to deposit money into various bank accounts.

This is on top of the other news of Brunei ladies being used as drug couriers. I guess this particular lady has not paying attention to the news. We have already had a couple of Brunei ladies being detained. This one even has 4 kids. 4 kids? She is looking at 25 years in an Australian jail. What will happen to her kids?

The old English saying of 'one swallow does not make a summer' is apt. Two swallows slowly represent summer and these two stories make us look ... well ... you find the word. If you add in the other reports about the Nigerian scam emails, the pyramid schemes etc, the summer is certainly here. Are we that, pardon the expression, naive or if you want a better word, again pardon the expression, stupid? Bengangkah?

Nobody gives free money. Think about it.


Anonymous said…
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