A Depressed Day

I saw among my files yesterday were two letters given to me by my minister received from two brothers who were seeking his help in finding employment. The letters were form letters and I bet the two brothers must have sent them to anyone who they think can help them get employment. The letters listed identical jobs which they applied for which were if I am not mistaken for mandurs, office assistants, labourers etc.

They also listed their one and only qualification. Form 3 school leavers.

I looked at this two letters in despair. What can I do and more to the point how many of them are out there?

Many of the letters we get are from desperate individuals or families. Another was from an MOE staff whose house was run down and he is now staying at an MOE flat. The District Office has written to the Religious Council for assistance under the asnaf daif category whether they could help him repair his house. He wrote to us whether we could provide him housing in which case he said he does not have to repair his house if government housing is provided to him.

Another was from a retired staff who paid to stay in a run down rented house. He could not get public housing because he was part owner of a few acres of land which has been developed. But according to him, his brother who was in charge of the land did not give him anything. Can he also be provided with public housing?

I am so sorry if I sounded a bit down. But letters and reading about the problems of our own people sometime take so much out of you especially when they are so sad and there is not much you can do about it. Though you can argue that some of these writers ought to know better. They should have taken care of themselves better but I guess their priorities were all wrong or maybe they are forced to be in their dire situation. Maybe because of our welfare system, people out there just want to take advantage. There could be so many possibilities.

To the students out there, study hard. Take your destiny in your hand. You are the only one who can help yourself. Be independent. And may the Al-Mighty help you and all of us.


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