Don't Read and Drive

Someone complained on brudirect's hys about a driver which he saw reading the Borneo Bulletin while driving. He was reading the newspaper while the car was in a traffic jam. I have seen this many times. I am very lucky not to have to drive to work and I have more time to see what others are doing. From what I have seen, texting on mobile phones I think is the number one no-no activity which is carried out the most. Next would be speaking on the phone. Third is reading newspapers or magazines. Yes, I have seen people reading magazines too. One of these days I ought to take my camera with me and take photos of these no-no activities.

Many of the readers who I saw would be reading it every so often even while the car was moving slowly. It is only when the car is moving fast that they stopped reading. Someone argued that they may as well read something as it is very boring being stuck in traffic jams. And that they would not cause major accidents.

Yes, true. However do not forget that the car that you are driving in weighs about 1,000 kilogram. You are in charge of a 1,000 kg car who goes wherever your hands points the steering wheel to. Lose concentration, that 1,000 kg can kill that 60 kilogram man standing by the road or hit that other 1,000 kg in front of you. We have forgotten that with today's automatic gear and power steering, driving cars are so comfortable that we have forgotten that we are all in charge of a 1,000 kilogram weapon, like it or not. It takes just one second of losing concentration that can make the difference between life and death.

So, if you are thinking of arguing that reading newspapers while driving in a traffic jam, think again. And the same argument goes if you are thinking of texting or speaking on phones.


ungkayah said…
There are also few other activities which ppl tend to do during the traffic jams or driving , such as applying make-up and eating their breakfast, or dinner ....
The Coolzster said…
Ever thought of how to reduce traffic jam than to spot how many drivers are reading BB or texting and doing other activities? I think the problem of traffic jam during peak hours in bsb has gotten worst in the past few years. It is just a matter of time the situation become worst. I actually have not complain with t.j. when I am driving my kids, because this means i have some more time to communicate with he or she, before he/she escape into the comfort of his/her room and lock the door behind me. No, my kids are not rude, just having excuse to do homework while I am kinda giving 'educational talk' and disciplining gently with loving care...

Bottom line, I hope the relevant authorities could find ways to reduce the aggravating traffic conjestion, because it's wasting nearly 1/10 of my productive life.

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