The Brunei Flood

I have not been able to keep up with Cuboiart, Brunei's finest cartoonist. Over the last week, I think I remembered glancing through Borneo Bulletin and finding his cartoons but I have not had time to appreciate them. The one he did for the zakat queue was hillarious but he focused more on the floods. Understandable. This cartoon was last week's and I remembered he had another one recently.

On to serious business. Last night I received a couple of sms from PWD informing me about the latest situation here in Brunei especially on the flooding. I gather that the Gadong area is again affected last night plus nearby my area in Sengkurong especially around Tanjung Bunut, Sungai Tampoi and Selayun. I know our people are out there helping to ensure that we do not have a repeat of last week. The bomba people are working flat out and I pray that everyone is safe.


hantu tanah said…
Something to ponder ....

Look at recent happenings

1. BAFA deregistered from RoS
2. Distribution of Zakat

Both the above looks petty and can easily be sorted out in-house by ordinary mid-range member of civil service (enda jua payah SUT atau pun menteri) - All point out to competency on the surface .... but again it's not a fair conclusion. We dont believe member of our civil service are less competent ... Not at all. Can we point to the way we work ? red-tapism ? this demand strategic and vision, the SUT and the above need tutors !!

3. Flooding Incidents - call of mother nature. Salute to those who work hard (from the Rescue and disaster management) but we still can do better !!
david santos said…
Brilliant posting!!!
Happy Lunar New Year!!!!

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