Should Brunei join the Olympics?

With all the discussions about our Olympics non-participation, I remembered in Sydney for the Olympics 2000, there was a wildcard entry from Equatorial Guinea. He was the talk of the swimming community then as there was a part when he nearly drowned in the 100 meter freestyle. Anyway, I searched for a video of that particular swimmer and I managed to find it. If you watch it, I am pretty sure you would agree that our own Maria Grace Koh would have been much better than this guy whether she is fit or unfit. This guy only learnt to swim in January, a few months before the Olympics Games.

PS. Just for the record, Brunei competed in the 2004 Olympics in Athens. We had one runner Jimmy Anak Ahar who competed in the 1,500 meters. He finished 13th in his race with a time of 4:14.11. Brunei also competed in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. We had one runner too, Haseri Ali who competed in the 100 meteres. He finished the race with a respectable 11.11 seconds.

Time Magazine had this to say about Jimmy "...One of the most poignant final-place finishes, though, came from Brunei's Jimmy Anak Ahar, the Southeast Asian nation's sole Olympic athlete, who straggled far behind the pack in the 1,500 m, erasing his country's dreams of Olympic respectability. Still sucking wind after his 4:14.11 time, 40 seconds slower than gold medalist El Guerrouj, Ahar swept past reporters, his head downcast. Yet the Bruneian's performance was surely more honorable than that of Uzbekistan's Olga Shchukina, who not only finished last in her qualifying group in the shot put but later tested positive for an anabolic steroid..."


Sehat said…
Was the title an intentional gramatical mistake?
Z.M said…
*ROFL* Good one Mr. BR! =P

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