World War II in Brunei

Nothing much for my final posting. Just the final set of photographs depicting scenes of destruction in Brunei during the Second World War as I promised about a week ago. The first photograph is the scene of destruction in the Seria Oilfields. The others are scenes from Brunei Town and Brunei District. These are just to remind us just how much progress we have made since then.

Thank you to everyone for your support throughout the last 2 years. It has been an exhausting two years and it's time to pack up and concentrate on work, my writings (published ones) and continue to maintain my main website at which I have neglected. Thank you for all the nice and wonderful comments - I enjoyed those. The critical ones too, I thank you too. They make me think. For those who wonder what will happen to the more useful postings here, do not worry. They will be uploaded as proper articles on the main website (when I get round to it). On that note, thank you and good bye.

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