A Bruneian Trapped in Tokyo

I am still in Tokyo. Yesterday during lunch time, we were caught in this massive traffic jam when we were heading back towards the hotel. We already heard the loudspeakers blaring whatever messages the demonstrators wanted to shout out during our meeting. Not being a nihon speaker we did not know what they wanted. When we came out, we saw an interesting sight of demonstrators with multicoloured banners demonstrating against the visit of the Chinese Premier to Japan.

I did not dare take any photographs and the positioning was wrong. The last time I took a photograph of demonstrators was in Islamabad, Pakistan and a whole group of demonstrators chase the taxi I was in. We were wondering why protest at the MOF Building until the driver told us that the MFA Building was across the street, so they were aiming their protests there. Throughout the whole day, there were lots and lots of policemen. We even met up with the whole entourage on the road on our way back from dinner.

For those wondering how yesterday's negotiations went - it went much better than we thought but today will be clincher whether we can persuade them to start a formal negotiation. The current meeting count only as informal negotiation to see whether we have the basis to go for a formal negotiation.

For today, just some interesting sights of Tokyo. Nothing spectacular - big concrete cities have a tendency to look alike and I would have to be anakbrunei or bruneiforever to see the unusual aspects - alas, a skill I don't have.

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