History of Bukit Beruang

A view of National Housing Scheme at Bukit Bering
History of Kampung Bukit Beruang

Kampung Bukit Beruang was originally named Tepangan Beruang, which means "the tree where the bear lived". Bears are believed to nest or live on top of a certain tree and that is called ‘tepangan’.

At that time, there were too many bears in the village. Every time a villager entrered the forest, he will definitely meet a bear, especially villagers from Kampung Penyatang and Kampung danau who were using a perahu or a small boat plying through the Rivers of Penyatang and Uropyang. These rivers are used as the route for their farming activities and 'bertamu' (buying and selling).

What is interesting about the history of Kampung Bukit Beruang is the meeting of the people from the west, namely Kampung Bukit Udal and its surroundings with the people from areas next to the sea namely Kampung Penyatang, Kampung Danau and Kampung Telisai.

Using the river route while trading and 'bertamu' on the river at a place called called Tamuan Lawai, residents from the villages next to the sea would be bringing merchandise such as dried fish, shrimp and so on while the people from the interior would be bringing their farming produce such as rice, cassava, sugar cane and others. Their recorded history began around the 1940s and 1950s.

Originally written in Malay by Noraisah Muhammad
Published on the Facebook Page ‘Menjejak Sejarah Silam’
Translated and adapted to English by Haji Mohd Rozan


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This is bukit beruang in brunei is it.i just confused with bukit beruang at melaka

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