Brunei-Korea Media Exchange Contribute to Cultural Understanding

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

EXCHANGES of media persons between countries will greatly contribute to more understanding and appreciation in culture and the lifestyle for people within a particular country, a senior government official said yesterday.

Permanent Secretary (Media and Cabinet) at the Prime Minister’s Office and Chairman of the Senior Officials Meeting Responsible for Information (SOMRI), Hj Mohd Rozan Dato Paduka Hj Mohd Yunos, said media is a lens through which people within a national boundary can see the outside world.

Speaking at the welcoming dinner in conjunction with the ASEAN-ROK Media Exchange visit to Brunei at the Mangrove Paradise resort last night, Hj Mohd Rozan said he hoped the Korean media counterparts can show and portray the true colours of Brunei, its way of life, its people and environment within the Malay Muslim Monarchy (MIB) philosophy.

“This is not only for the understanding of the Korean people but also the people all around the world in general. This was evident by the media exchange programme that was held during the ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit in Busan last year, where media participants from Brunei shared their stories and experiences through their writings,’’ he said.

Hj Mohd Rozan said writings and reports will create its own multiplier effects for both countries.

“It is through this, that people will have the interest in wanting to know more about a particular country. In hindsight, this in turn has a significant correlation to a country’s tourism sector. Media are amplifiers of information and first hand experience to people all around the world. This is the kind of impact that we all hoped for,’’ he said.

Currently, nine Korean media journalists, including an official from Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs are here from September 6 to 9 for the ASEAN-Korea media exchange programme, a project under the ASEAN- Committee for Culture and Information (COCI).

Hj Mohd Rozan said he hoped the programme will meet its objective where all delegations have the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge about Brunei, as well as develop personal understanding and friendship with each other.

The permanent secretary added he hoped the programme will enable media people from both countries to exchange ideas, be more creative and active in the field of reporting and journalism.

This year’s theme for the ASEAN-ROK media exchange programme is “Enhancing the ASEAN-ROK Community through Culture.’’

Also present at last night’s dinner was the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources (MIPR) Deputy Permanent Secretary, Hj Khairuddin Hj Abd Hamid, Acting Director of the Information Department, Hjh Noorashidah Hj Aliomar, senior officials from the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MoFAT), MIPR, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS), the Information Department and Radio Televisyen Brunei (RTB).

A cultural performance was also showcased by the MCYS for the guests.

During their stay, the Korean delegation will be making several visits to government agencies as well as companies in the private sector.

The Brunei Times


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