HRH Princess Sarah of Brunei: Youths Lead Healthy Lifestyles

Rabiatul Kamit

Sunday, March 8, 2015

HER Royal Highness Paduka Seri Pengiran Anak Isteri Pengiran Anak Sarah yesterday urged the youth to lead a healthy lifestyle as governments and communities express mounting concern over the spread of diseases around the world.

In her sabda at the opening of the 11th Borneo Global Issues Conference (BGIC) at the International Convenction Centre (ICC), the princess reminded the youth to “not lose sight of lifestyle-related health conditions and diseases that are more likely to have a direct impact on their lives”.

The four-day student-run event, organised by the International School Brunei (ISB), brought together over 200 pupils from 23 secondary schools nationwide to participate in discussions and debates based on the Model United Nations (MUN) concept.

Commenting on this year’s theme of ‘Combating World Diseases’, the BGIC royal patron hoped the participants will realise the impact of their lifestyle decisions upon the nation’s health and be compelled to lead a healthy lifestyle that will reduce demands on the healthcare system.

“By placing our students in positions that empower them to actively consider the causes of disease and ill health, I am sure that in exploring the range of preventative measures possible, they will also come to consider the critical role that health plays in the development of their nation,” she said.

Her Royal Highness observed that, since the start of the new millennium, the international health headlines have been dominated by the more immediate threats of diseases such as Avian Influenza, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis and Ebola.

“(The theme) is of particular relevance at a time when the world has just witnessed the serious global threat posed by the recent outbreak of Ebola in parts of Africa last year, and continues to face potential threats from other pandemics and disease-related events,” she explained.

“I hope that all participants will not be afraid to speak out to express their opinions and share their thoughts, whilst at the same time also extending the courtesy of listening to others, taking into account divergent views that may reflect different country positions and situations,” she said.

With widespread access to the internet and its constant update of global news and information, the princess pointed out that young people today enjoy a depth and breadth of knowledge on global health affairs “that just twenty years ago would not have been achievable”.

“I would also like to remind our students that the experience and knowledge they earn from this conference will be a direct reflection of how much effort they put into it, so I urge them to work hard and work together to make this year’s conference another success,” she added.

In ending her sabda, Her Royal Highness thanked the Ministry of Education; Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports; HSBC Brunei; and Brunei LNG Sdn Bhd; as well as the teachers and individuals for their support and contribution towards BGIC. During the ceremony, the royal patron also presented a donation on behalf of ISB to the JUMP! Foundation, a non-profit youth empowerment organisation. The mock cheque was received by Tara Yip-Bannicq of UNICEF Haiti and the JUMP! Foundation.

Courtesy of The Brunei Times


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