Yachts on Brunei River

I bought a whole bunch of black and white photographs and will be uploading them one by one. This one intrigued me the most. There were yachts on the Brunei River in the 1950s and 1960s. I have almost forgotten that the Brunei Yacht Club now in Serasa used to be located where the current Arts and Handicraft Centre is. If there are still yachts on Brunei River, it would look like Auckland or Sydney and other watery cities around the world. Though I wonder how they would cope with the criss crossing high speed water taxis!


Siti said…
What a lovely thing to treasure. I hope you will post more of those black and white photographs. Thank you for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Yes i still remember there were once a club on the very spot of Tarindak D seni...hehe..

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