Brunei's Very Rare Stamps Found Again

Many years ago I discovered there was a set of stamps which was unissued and supposedly that all the stamps have been destroyed. I was thinking whether these stamps would ever be found or whether there would be survivors.

A few years ago, when I went to my stamp dealer which I always frequent whenever I go to Singapore, he showed me a set. I nearly fainted, It cost me an arm and a leg and I finally got that set. Surprisingly a few months after that I saw another set on eBay. The prices on that jumped so high that it went beyond what I would have paid for it which was about US$1000+. After that I did not see any more of these stamps.

Yesterday, at one of the houses I visited for Chinese New Year, the owner showed me these three sets. I have only seen two sets throughout my life and was suddenly in front of me was three other sets! When he said would I like to buy it, I definitely was more than interested for the right price. I offered my price and after two tries I got them. That was probably one of the most exciting things that happened to me as a stamp collector.....


Roy said…
Hi! Do you know how much would a 25years old Brunei first day cover (stamps with envelope) cost today?
Rozan Yunos said…
That would be around 1989 or 1990. Not very expensive. Around $5 to $10 depending on issue and quality. The most expensive around those years would be the 60th Anniversary of the Oil and Gas Industry which probably can fetch around $15 or more.
Anonymous said…
Would you know the value of First Day Cover 'Freedom from Hunger' dated 1963?

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