Brunei's New Airport Design

I was in Tehran last week attending the 1st Cultural Ministers Meeting of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue (ACD). It was not the first time I was in Tehran, the last time was in 2008 when I was representing my Minister of Development attending the Asia Pacific Housing Ministers' Meeting. Last time was a much longer trip but this time round I was so busy that I could not go out and see much of Tehran. The place obviously has a lot of progress since the 5 years that I went there.

One of the images which I did not realise during my last trip was the Khomeini Airport in Tehran. It looked like this:

And I thought to myself where have I seen this curved structure before?

Then I remembered, we have the same style of airport terminal currently being built here in Brunei at the Brunei International Airport:

Hmmmm.... Not a really original design....

Though I have to admit that the curved parking roofs at our airport are an innovation. I have not seen those before in other airports.


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