Brunei climbs up HDI

Bandar Seri Begawan, 23 March 2013 - Brunei Darussalam scored the second highest in the Human Development Index (HDI) in Asean at 0.855 after Singapore, which places the Sultanate at a rank of 30 out of 187 countries, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) report revealed this week.

In 2011, the Sultanate stood at 0.854, scoring high in health at 0.917, income at 0.904 and education at 0.757. Life expectancy at birth is 78.1 years, while mean years of schooling (of adults) is 8.6 years with a GNI of $45,690.

Brunei is categorised under very high human development. Between 1980 and 2012, Brunei's HDI rose by 0.2 per cent annually from 0.765 to 0.855 today.

The Sultanate fared better in indicators of adult literacy rate for both sexes at 95.2 per cent, primary school teachers trained to teach at 87.1 per cent, and combined gross enrolment in education for both sexes at 83 per cent.

Norway, Australia and the United States lead the rankings of 187 countries and territories in the latest Human Development Index, while conflict-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo and drought-stricken Niger have the lowest scores in the HDI's measurement of national achievement in health, education and income, according to the United Nations Development Programme's 2013 Human Development Report.

Singapore is the Asean country with the highest HDI of 0.895, placing it at 18th worldwide, followed by Brunei Darussalam with 0.855 HDI in 30th place, and Malaysia ranking 64th with a 0.769 HDI. Thailand and the Philippines placed 103th and 114th on the list with a HDI of 0.690 and 0.654 respectively.

--Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin


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