52 Year Anniversary of BSB's Chinese Temple

The Chinese Temple during the official opening in 1960. (Source: Borneo Bulletin)
BRUNEI TOWN (December 31, 1960) - The United Kingdom High Commissioner in Brunei, Mr D C White, declared open the Kwong Chek Choon Ong Temple, in the presence of a large gathering earlier this week.

In his opening speech, Mr White, speaking in Malay, said that the temple was one of the finest in the Borneo territories.

Mr White said that the temple would help to lend lustre to the name of Brunei.

Earlier, the chairman of the temple committee, the Kapitan Cina said that he would like to thank on behalf of the Chinese committee, the Sultan, Sir Omar Ali Saifuddien, the Brunei Government and others who had contributed towards the building of the temple.

The Kapitan Cina said that the government had not only given the land for the temple but had also contributed very liberally towards its building.

Source: The Borneo Bulletin


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