Reality in Advertising

I am currently on leave and a number of people asked me why should I go on leave during the Hari Raya period. The number one reason is that my son is moving to another school and this other school requires a lot of preparation. For instance, my son had to go for an interview, a written test etc and not to mention when he was finally accepted, we had to buy new school uniforms, books and also went for the Induction Day. Leaving the other school also means that there is a number of administrative things that we had to do. And as with most Brunei kids and our ugama school parallel, leaving one school actually means leaving two schools and getting into another two schools. So it has been fairly hectic for us in the family.

Regardless, it does mean that we have a bit spare time especially in the morning and afternoon and we had been fulfilling those time by going to a number of cafes and eating places for breakfasts and lunches. One of the places we discovered that are opened early in Brunei was the famous fast food chicken place.

What bugged me was that whenever you looked at the menu displayed in the board of these fast food places complete with the photos of the items, you are very much tempted by those photos. My wife ordered a morning riser which is basically a chicken and egg sandwich, in the photograph, you will find that the sandwich looked very big with the cup of coffee very small in the background. When it finally arrived on our table, the tiny cup of coffee was very much bigger than the sandwich and it really does not look as wholesome as the ones in the photo. Of course this is not new. This happened at all the fastfood places.

The bun of the photoshoot-ready Quarter Pounder with Cheese (right) has not suffered the loss of puffiness that comes from being wrapped and placed inside a steamy box. Photo: YouTube
I was pleasantly surprised to discover this news article and a video by Mcdonald Canada about the discrepancy between photos of their items and reality. They have explained it well and you can link here at and now really know why the photo of that burger in the menu looked so much more tempting. Thanks to Mcdonald for being honest and to for your news article.


Delima said…
That's why at the bottom of the ads always describes something like "..the image above just an illustration only" :p

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