Ariani's Shawls - Malaysia's Hidden Treasure

My auntie introduced me to this shop yesterday somewhere near Masjid India in KL. I guess if you know KL, you know where this is, it's the place where most Brunei ladies go to if you go to KL. I told my auntie, I wanted to get some tudung and she said the best place to get it is from this place. The place otherwise known as Ariani apparently is the in-thing to get today's tudung.

I remembered my better half mentioning about it but it didn't really click until I saw the shop which has apparently expanded from one pintu to about three pintu now. According to my Malaysian auntie, she has seen Bruneians buying tudung here by the bag loads. So I went in. I was a bit speechless as those Bruneians who have been buying them by the bag loads are clearly earning several salary scales higher than mine. The prices I saw ranged from about the affordable RM60 to the sky high RM2,500.

Ekin, Mawi's wife is their ambassador. Though when I was there, the shop ladies were talking about Datuk Siti buying their products as well. I guess with endorsements like that, what else can you say.

I went into their exclusive room and bought my wife something like this, one with swarovski crystal beads. I won't mention what the price is but I was immediately entitled to get a platinum benefits card. I told my uncle that I am still shell shocked by the price and he said that he felt the same way but he got over it already by now.

I have to admit the range of colours that Ariani has is really amazing. It's no wonder that they are the market leaders and that ladies, Bruneian or otherwise will continue to flock to the shop.


Nur said…
i'm a Bruneian student studying in Malaysia & i love the tudongs at Ariani, but i think that the prices are ridiculously expensive :-(
I thought it was going to be some boring old post, but it really compensated for my time. I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful
. said…
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