Sungkai Buffet

Only Cuboiart can come up with the appropriate cartoon this time of the year. I have not been keeping up with his genius drawing lately and I was happy to see a few new cartoons which he has just drawn and published in the Borneo Bulletin lately.

This one is a killer. Every Ramadan, comes the Sungkai Buffet. I was told at certain places, there are so many people that the food had to be topped up. I much prefer to sungkai at home. There are just so many temptation if I do pop into one of these sungkai buffet. But the other day, my better half, my little one and me did go to the buffet at Holiday Lodge in Jerudong.

That was the third day of fasting. We were quite surprised when we went there, we were asked to choose a main course. The main course was a Western dish and in my case, I chose Sirloin Steak, the other choices included tiger prawns, chicken, fish and one other I cannot remember. This main course comes on top of the usual buffet that you can choose which included Roti Kosong and Roti Telur which is made on site by an Indian chef.

So, that's the one and only experience that I have had so far of the sungkai buffet and I thought that it was actually worthwhile. It cost $19 for an adult and $12 for a child. For your Maghrib, you can have it at the nearby Ameerah's Mosque. What's your sungai buffet experience?


baz said…
interesting.. we might try holiday lodge... but actually we havent managed to go yet, there's not much time to go trawih prayers as well as in my case being too full... ur right, cuboi does know how to make his comics according to current issues

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