Kampong Ayer 1970s

For most Bruneians, Kampong Ayer is something which has always been there. We do not realise how time passes by.

This is a postcard of Kampong Ayer produced by a Singapore company and sold here about 40 years ago. Compare this scene with those of today, you can't see much difference. The boats are already fast as you can see.

For those living or who once lived there, can your recognise where this was taken? The only clue is the bakut as there can't be too many of those in the Kampong Ayer. Let me know.


panyaluru said…
could it be Kg Ujong Tanjong? The bakut seems familiar and the background looks like the ridge at Jalan Tutong.
Anak Limbongan said…
BR, I recognized the Bakut. It is located in Kg Bendahara Lama.... Just across the river from Kg Ujung Tanjung before Kg Tamoi.... One prominent man, Allahyarham Sh Hj Ibrahim used to live there and my late uncle also had a house there. I used to play on the Bakut when I was young in the 70s...
Anonymous said…
apa kan bakut ani?

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