A new ramble

One of my close friends asked today at the mosque how long is my hiatus. Hahaha... When my computer broke down, I thought it would be nice to take a break until a new computer arrived and my espeed reconnected. Well, a new computer has not arrived, but I am making do with my tiny notebook and I have to admit Telbru was really fast in getting my espeed up and running. I dropped into Telbru's office at the Mall on Sunday and by Monday, someone was at home getting my espeed up again. Unfortunately at that time I did not have a computer ready.

Then I was away at the end of December to Singapore and I did a lot of window shopping for computers but at the end, the thought of lugging the box etc, I thought I will just buy one here in Brunei. The computer people at MOD helped me with my PC and we got a quote for a new motherboard. It was $515. I said forget it. I could easily buy a mini Inspiron for that much. So I am still out looking. In the meantime I am suffering from hand cramp fitting my 10 fingers into this little Vaio.

I got nothing to update other than the rambling. Maybe I will do just that. Ramble along and maybe once in a while, something will come up. Wait and see.


Anonymous said…
Funny, BRo, how your ramble made me teary-eyed reading this simple but meaningful piece (Peace) of mind! I mean I just saw on telly the quake disaster in Haiti and scenes of painful chaos and death linger on my mind... Somehow a new ramble touched my heart more. Why?

Here's a highly-educated Bruneian and leading a 'privileged' life of sorts and yet practises PRUDENCE at its wisest! WOW! If only all Bruneians should follow your lead (yours truly included), what a wonderful world free of debts and financial woes our Society would be. Alas! Cravings for luxuries still lurk amidst one and all.. :(
Anonymous said…
Salam Bro~ =)

It's good to have you back (in a sense). Nonetheless, if you're out of things to ramble, here are probably some articles that you may want to write (when you have a PC back that is):

1) Youth Work in Brunei
2) Brunei's Public Transport (buses, taxis etc in the past)
3) Banks in Brunei

That's what I can think of for now... Cheers~
Anonymous said…
Tuan BR...have you ever considered a Macbook or macbook pro or if you have extra spare...a macbook air? Better still if you want to wait for the mac tablet (not sure what they will eventually call it). FYI, I am a mac convert:-) and not looking back ever since!
Anonymous said…
....just to add to my previous comment on the Mac Tablet....it is already launched & its called iPad!

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