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I was out in Gadong and Kiulap the other day window shopping Luminox watches. I have only heard of Luminox watches over the last 2 months. Apparently His Majesty wears one. The craze caught on at MOD and almost everyone I met wore one. So I thought I will have a look at what this watch is all about.

There are apparently three shops in Brunei which sell these watches, one in Kiulap (same block as Mothercare), one in Gadong (in Centrepoint) and another in Seria (along Baiduri or BIBD). Luminox watches are well known for its illumination system. The watches used a tube system so in the dark you can still use it and these tubes light up for about 10 years.

The watches are American based on Swiss technology. The name itself in Latin means night (nox) light (lumi). The watches are fairly reasonable costing from $300 onwards. The one in Seria is the cheapest and the lady in Centrepoint said that the Seria one is not the authorised centre but selling the watches from an authorised centre based in Miri or something like that.

Anyway, what I wanted to get at is how Luminox watches get well known. You know, despite the technology, the company struggled to make money. It was the American Army that made them famous. It was in 1993 that the US Navy's Sea, Air and Land (SEAL) teams needed a watch to use on their night missions and Luminox worked with them for 9 months and coming out with the first Navy SEAL watch. That was the turning point. In 1999, the US Airforce wanted similar watches for their F-117 Nighthawk stealth pilots.

The company was able to leverage on these and made a name for itself. The question here is would a similar Brunei company given the opportunity would be able to leverage on that opportunity?


Anonymous said…
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Leroy said…
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Hmm... $300 to buy a watch that glows in the dark. You sure that's considered reasonable? I believe that has been going on since, I don't know, 10 years ago in Brunei and it wasn't that expensive. I bought mine for $40 at the time. It was cool to show it off at school but the problem was it wasn't dark enough to see it clearly. :P

For $300 you could buy a better watch than a night light function. BR, maybe you should take a look at sWaP Watch.

Here's a link to that (Don't worry, I'm not a watch salesman. Just love gadgets. :D)

sWaP Watch

It's a watch... but also your new handphone. ;) My new target gadget to replace my old watch and handphone for! xD
Haha... I guess my dollar and sense has gone haywire. I don't wear a watch and other than buying a watch for my son, I don't have that much experience buying watches. My officers told me $300 was reasonable...
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Anonymous said…
Did you decide to buy the watch yesterday at Kiulap??
Anonymous said…
Salam Tuan BR. IMHO, HM seems to be wearing Panerai watches. Needless to say they cost 100 to even more than 1000 times more expensive than the $300 Luminox:-) Some models are 'similar' to the Luminox models...but then I dont have an insider's info so to speak:-)
Shenun said…
$300 is reasonable. early last year i went to miri n company my fren 2buy luminox for hantaran, it was around rm800-rm1400, dpending on d models... Tpi yes admit it lawa n rugged lah nya ktani
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Anonymous said…
Mr.BR..i've been researching more about Luminox ever since i knew about it through this site..apparently, Brunei Government was listed on the official Luminox site under FAQ which requested for this watches..i'm planning to buy this watch by the end of this October, Insyallah..where do you recommend me to buy the watch, either in Belait or Centrepoint?
Anonymous said…
hello... luminox watch is cool.. and im wearing it... i bought it around 370 brunei dollar.... :D
Luminox Lover said…
Your blog is really helpful. Thank you :)
Anonymous said…
Offisci 49$300 for some plastic crap and quartz movement you can buy online for $5. Navy seals??? cmon lah. Navy seals wear G-shocks!

What a waste of money, i rather buy 300 coca cola drinks. Anyway if yo want to buy a desent watch, get a vintage Omega with a calibre 565 movement!
Luminox watche is a upcoming name in the watches industry. Luminox watches are the name of precision and quality. I have got a great collection of Luminox watches here-

jessica summer said…
Its nice for all luxury watch lover to read this post. Thanks for this post. I would love to share that I am a big fan of Luminox Watches
Kk said…
Luminox are not reliable .....piece of overpriced crap.if you want a real watch read up on them and buy something with a swiss auto movement to start with.

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