Tranquility at Tanjung Batu, Muara - Latest Brunei Tourism Destination

Adib Noor
Sunday, January 10, 2016

TUCKED somewhere in Jalan Muara just before the scenic Muara Beach is a view like no other. Build as unique manmade landmark to maintain clean, sustainable rivers and a stable coastline around the area, this area has now become a haven for residents from the surrounding area.

This majestic location is named simply as Tanjong Batu which consists of a long stretched out manmade structure, and a specially designed seawall which provides protection to the coast line.

Once there, visitors will find a billboard which further explains the background and objectives of Tanjong Batu. The contents of the billboard stated that the area is part of project headed by the Ministry of Development Brunei Darussalam which was initiated to help Tanjong Batu from further land and cliff erosions. This project in turn aids in protecting the ecology of Sungai Pemburongunan and the rare turtle nesting areas along the coastal the region.

When I finally made my way into the venue I instantly fell in love. As you take a stroll along the manmade structure you are automatically surrounded by the natural beauty Brunei has to offer.

The sound of crashing waves as you stare across the coastline and long sandy beaches and on the other side the dense jungle and calming rivers, a perfect example of balance between man and nature. “I love it here, it’s perfect for a quick run and when I’m done running with my friends we just sit back and wait for the sun to set before heading back to our car,” said Zatty Joanda, a frequent visitor.

“The construction of the sea wall is a good move by those in charge providing not only a safe venue for running but also a nice place for fishing,” she further added.

Speaking of fishing fanatics, the manmade wonder is a favourite fishing hole for residents around the area. “Me and my friends love fishing here and it’s amazing how we never go back home empty handed,” said Ahmad Faizin one of the many fishing enthusiasts who have made the area a frequent fishing spot.

He further shared that some of the catches included squids, Sea bass , “bebatik” and many more in accordance to the season.

One thing everyone can agree on is the sweet sense of calmness that only Tanjong Batu can give. “This place is a so calming, especially when you just walk along the pavement, if I need a break I would just grab my longboard and cruise around until the sunset taking in the natural beauty around me,” shared 23-year-old Fakhrul Islam.

So do remember... if you are looking for a little piece of serenity then look no further. Tanjong Batu is the destination that you should head to.

Just cruise around the road heading to Muara beach and look for the turning to Tanjong Batu.

You will find sign boards which will guide you to the unique manmade Tanjong Batu structure.

The Brunei Times


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