Brunei Writers Urged to use New Media

Permanent Secretary (Media and Cabinet) at the PMO Hj Mohd Rozan (L) delivering his keynote lecture, facilitated by Director of DBP Hjh Aminah during the opening ceremony of International Seminar on Southeast Asia’s Literature yesterday. BT/Billah Hasan


Thursday, September 18, 2014 - NEW media can help promote and develop literature, particularly Malay literature, in terms of improving interaction with readers, especially with the current cyber advances and multimedia interfaces.

“A writer is no longer tied to one medium in terms of publishing his works… There are now a lot of ways to publish (their work) such as websites, blogs and others using the (latest) appliances such as personal computers, tablets, phones and so on,” said Hj Mohd Rozan Dato Paduka Hj Mohd Yunos, Permanent Secretary (Media and Cabinet) at the Prime Minister’s Office yesterday.

Speaking during his keynote lecture at the opening ceremony of International Seminar on Southeast Asia’s Literature, he noted that the new cyber and multimedia have made it possible to connect writers and their readers.

He added: “The new media has given new opportunities and potential for writers to contribute to the development of Malay literature. However, writers must know and be aware to balance the risks and problems when publishing their writings and authorship (issues).”

Themed ‘Sastera dalam Media Baru, Potensi dan Sumbangan’ (Literature in New Media, its Potential and Contribution), the two-day seminar is organised by the Southeast Asia Literature Council (MASTERA), Brunei division.

Held at Sarmayuda Hall of DBP building, the seminar saw the presence of prominent international literature figures from France, Korea, German, England, Japan and Thailand, including those from MASTERA member countries; Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Director of Language and Literature Bureau (DBP) Hjh Aminah Hj Momin, in her welcoming remarks, said she hoped that the seminar can become a platform to discuss issues related to copyright, piracy and plagiarism, and benefit young and aspiring writers.

“The theme addressed the contribution and role of the media in raising literature across geographical boundaries. The new media in particular, is now a platform for writers to connect globally and worldwide,” said Hjh Aminah, who is also the chairperson of MASTERA.

The seminar is prelude to the two-day 20th MASTERA Conference which opens tomorrow at Rizqun International Hotel. The resolution will be presented during the conference.

The conference will see the presentation of MASTERA Literature Award 2014 and declaration signing of Thailand’s Malay DPB as the new country member of MASTERA.

The Brunei Times


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