The History of Kampong Parit in Bandar Seri Begawan

In the 28 September 2013 issue of The Borneo Bulletin, my friend Haji Mohd Daud Abd Rahman wrote about the history of Kampong Parit. This is not the Kampong Parit in Limau Manis but rather Kampong Parit at Mile 2 of Jalan Tutong or now known as Jalan Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha. One of the photographs is that of the graves at today's Makam Kubah Diraja which in the 1950s were still uncovered.


The History of Kampong Parit
by Haji Mohd Daud Abd Rahman

HAJI Ghani bin Bidal, aged 87, a resident of Kampong Sumbiling Lama, Kampong Parit shared the origin and history of Kampong Parit, which was initially located at Batu Satu, Jalan Tutong, along the road leading up to Kubah Makam Diraja. Haji Ghani also added that Istana Sultan and residences of the royal family used to be situated in Kampong Parit. In fact, the pillar of Istana Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin can still be seen at Kubah Makam Diraja.

Prior to Brunei’s independence in 1984, the cliff area of Sungai Kedayan including the housing area of Kampong Sumbiling Baru was relocated to land. The government renovated the area by widening the roads and upgraded it as the main road, linking it to roads of nearby villages situated along Batu Satu.

Haji Ghani also shared about the Edinburgh Bridge which was launched in 1958 by Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh during his official visit to Brunei. In 1970, the bridge was built to ease road congestion.

Sultan Omar Ali in conversation with the Duke of Edinburgh
(Source: Haji Mohd Daud Abd Rahman)

Makam Diraja in 1959 (Source: Haji Mohd Daud Abd Rahman)

Edinburgh Bride (Source: Haji Mohd Daud Abd Rahman)

To compare Brunei then and now, the differences are striking.

Haji Ghani continued to share stories from his childhood. He talked a lot about the natural environment of the trees, flora and fauna, as well as the peaceful atmosphere



Ankur said…

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Anonymous said…
Assalamualaikum. With due respect. I was born and raised in Kampong Sumbiling Baru. I just couldnt understand why there is a sign saying Kampong Parit instead of Kampong Sumbiling Baru? Can anyoneone help? Thank you

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