Brunei TV in the 1970s

This article was published in The Borneo Bulletin on 27th July 2013.
Brunei TV in the 1970s
written by
Haji Mohd Daud Abd Rahman

TV BRUNEI began its trial broadcast in 1974 airing programmes to the whole country. It was the first to broadcast in full-colour in Asia and in 1975 after a one year trial, TV Brunei was officially launched. It began producing its own programmes which included entertainment, drama, and religious as well as programmes for children.

One of the most fondly remembered programmes for children was the “Cerita Bersama Kanak-Kanak” programme.

The show would feature stories about fasting in the holy month of Ramadhan.

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Children from primary schools would be invited to the RTB studio for the recording. Among those that had been on the show included Pg Fatimah and her brother Ak Yusafry.

Ak Yusafry recalled being brought to a room in Studio 1 to record his voice for the programme. The show was aired throughout the month of Ramadhan just before Sungkai.

After the show, the ‘bedok’ signalling the time for the breaking of the fast would be aired.

The sound of the bedok would also be heard from mosques and homes in Kampung Ayer and remote villages far away from town.
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Hakim said…
I see the 'Bedok' tradition to signal the end of the fasting day has long existed in our society.

However, I've realised that over the past two Ramadhans or so, our local media has ceased to use any visual or audio means of Bedok to signal the time for Sungkai, albeit the fact that most Bruneians still prefer to say 'Bedok/Baduk' when referring to the time for Sungkai (e.g. "inda lagi batah kan baduk" etc).

Do you happen to know what the reasons behind such a move are?

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