Brunei's Only Gold Pitis (Coin)

As someone who is interested in the history of Brunei, I have bought a number of coins especially pitis which were issued during the past by the various Sultans of Brunei. I have also purchased coins from our neighbouring countries.

The Brunei pitis which I have found so far and from what I have seen from the collection of other people who are into coins, are mostly made of from iron. From the other countries, most of them were also made from iron. However I have also found a number of gold and silver coins especially from the Acheh Sultanate. I have always wondered why is it that there has not been any gold coins from the Brunei Sultanate in the past.

The answer to that is that apparently there is. Today, members of the online Brunei Numismatic Club or Kelab Numis Brunei went to visit Dato Suny Idris, a well renowned local coin collector. He probably is the longest coin collector in Brunei and his vast collection include many fine examples of the coins and notes that Brunei and its predecessor government have issued in the past.

Today, the KNB members were pleasantly surprised by this particular coin in Dato's collections:

This is probably the one and only surviving gold pitis of Brunei. I don't know much about this coin to talk about it. All I can do is to admire it and hope that one day I can find one that I can keep for my collection.


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