Cemetery at Bukit Salat

Study of Old Tombstones at Bukit Salat Cemetery
written by Haji Md Daud Abd Rahman

Around five photographers including a driver from the History Centre went to Bukit Salat – situated near the Kampong Bukit Salat housing area, surrounded by the Kedayan River and opposite the High Court – to conduct a study on the ancient tombstones located at the old cemetery.

Based on survey results and the cemetery land research, the cemetery existed since the early 1940s before World War II.
In the early 1950s, Bukit Salat was full of bushes with big trees, which covered the existence of tombstones and was not visible when travelling by boat.

The height of Bukit Salat is about 50 feet, and during the study it was found that there were three old tombstones where one was on top and the other two were found on the slope.

The tombstone found on top of Bukit Salat in the shape of a square, where according to studies, it was possibly owned by a Pengiran or Ampuan.

The tombstone, more than half a century old, had no visitors for a long period of time.

-- Courtesy of The Borneo Bulletin --


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