Where are the SPN books?

I have been carrying this piece of paper for about 6 weeks now. Ever since, school closed and my son said that his teacher told him that these books must be purchased for the start of the school year in 2011 which is tomorrow, these books had to be acquired.

I thought it was simple. Bring the list to any bookshops in Brunei and buy the entire set. After the first bookshop, I realised it would it not be as simple as that. The books were not there. The bookshops could not tell me when they would be ready. There is no point leaving telephone numbers at any of the bookshops as they will not call you back, so the only way is to drop in almost everyday to these bookshops to check which ones are available. Up to yesterday, I am about 9 books short. But of these 9 books, two of them are textbooks for Science and ICT which means if these books do not arrive by today, my son and the entire Year 6 in Brunei will not be able to start their Science or ICT classes. If there is anyone reading this from the the MOE Curriculum Department, can I ask when these books are due to arrive?

I am actually quite used to having shortage of text books. When I was studying in Singapore, I did not have one Literature book until about July. I had no problem, I managed to acquire a copy of the book from my friend and photocopied the entire book. At that point in time, I was desperate. I did not care much about book rights, all I wanted was that I was able to study my literature. Now, does anybody out there have Star Science Year 6 textbook and Star ICT Year 6 textbook? I just wanted to have a look at them for about 15 minutes, you can have the books back after that. Promise.....


Gembo said…
Try Nollybooks. They're in Facebook. They've just started selling Brunei curriculum and other school books. My colleagues and I bought our children's book from them. And it so happen that one of'em works where we do.
Thanks Gembo. I did check them out in November but at that time I was not sure whether the books were actually available or we order them and wait until they were available.
. said…
My younger brother goes to Yayasan as well and we have some trouble searching for some of his books. A source said to look at Bismi Serusop.
Gembo said…
Salam Rozan, looks like they've been in touch with you (Nollybooks). Good luck!
Anonymous said…
I agree with Gembo, I'm also having rough time to look for my kids' books, fortunately i come across Nollybooks via a friend, and yes, they deliver the books to me on hand and on time, it actually helps me to avoid all the hassle that i have been through all this years (everytime at the start of the school year). So Thank You so much Nollybooks for helping me and my family. Keep it going!!
Anonymous said…
where can i find (collins junior illustrated dictionary-ages 6+)....im already go to another book shop but they said not yet available.plz help us how to get that dictionary for my kids....really2 need's help

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