Brunei 1920

The other day I was surprised when I saw two more postcards said to come from the 1920s. I have managed to acquire six of these postcards and I had to have these other two postcards. Luckily I did not have to pay as high a price as I paid for the others. This one cost around US$200. You have to pay for the rarity of the postcard.

This one is entitled "Copper and Blacksmiths River Brunei" which means it is somewhere in Kampong Pandai Besi (Blacksmiths). Though copper smithing was also done in Sungai Kedayan, if I am not mistaken. I don't know the Kampong Ayer well enough but if someone could hazard a guess where the exact location of this photo, it would be great. The bakut in the background certainly gives a clue.


Anonymous said…
You runined an otherwise really interesting picture with your huge banner.

Are you worried that you might not get the recognition you deserve?

Poor practice you would be best advised to stop as soon as practicable.

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