Jerudong Park v.2?

I thought I was an avid newspaper reader and I was quite surprised to have missed this one. Anyway, I found this news on about our Jerudong Park:-

Bandar Seri Begawan - Brunei's famed 644-million-dollar amusement park - Jerudong Park Playground - will relaunch this weekend after being "virtually dead" for years, park officials said Friday. Opened in 1994, the Playground was once billed at the largest amusement park in South-East Asia, boasting lavish rides, entertainment venues and a free admission policy.

The government hoped the multi-million-dollar extravaganza would attract thousands of foreign tourists to the tiny oil-rich nation, but the response proved disappointing.

To cope with the smaller-than-expected foreign market, the Playground's administration started charging admission fees and started a ride ticketing system a few years ago, which turned off Brunei visitors.

"Despite the charge, almost all rides were closed back then. So we really paid for nothing," Brunei citizen Josephine Liew told the German Press Agency dpa.

Tourists who visited the playground in recent years also complained of dangerous rides and run-down facilities.

In an effort to turn the tide, the Playground's management has invested in refurbishing rides and facilities and as of Saturday again offers free entry to the public.

They did not say how much was spent on the renovations. All rides are offered at a discounted fare.

"We want to increase attendance by making an evening at the playground as affordable as we can," said Jerudong Park Country Club General Manager Russell Finney.

But some observers have expressed doubts about the refurbished park's appeal.

"Jerudong Park has a bad reputation. The place was so run-down it was an embarrassment," Brunei resident Aziz Idris said. "Will whatever they do now be enough to bring back its glory again?"

Brunei, a small, oil-rich sultanate, has a population of 398,000 people. An estimated 1 million foreign tourists visit the country each year, although the vast majority are from neighbouring Malaysia.


Yeah it's a shame about JP. It could use a huge refurbishment and even better, a huge renovation.

Although I kinda wonder if the Brunei Government would actually go around the idea of upgrading or fixing JP. Since most of the rides are dead, might as well recycle the FUBAR ones and maintain the ones that can be salvaged.

That can be a possible JP v.2! Don't you think? :)
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